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Goldie, Gerdie, and Gladys…

Last night I was sitting on the veranda (actually just outside on the patio, but I love using the word veranda, it makes me feel like I am in the south on a nice summer day, with a cold glass of lemonade and have a big beautiful dress on, a classic southern belle) (whoa, sorry about that long side note…I might have a little ADD…lol).  Anyhoo, back to the veranda, Gladys,  my 92 year old land lord and I were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful night air, just chatting it up like school girls.  I do feel like I am living in a Golden Girls episode…

So, she is going along talking about her exercise classes that she is gong to tomorrow at the senior citizen center.  She is so giddy and excited to have found an exercise class again.  The last time she was going to exercise class, she went to her first line dance class, about 4 months ago, she fell before even making it in the class and broke her arm, poor thing.  So she is excited to get back on the horse again, as they say, to moving and shaking.

While listening to her stories, she tells me about her sisters, Goldie and Gerdie and how the three of them were a singing trio back in the day.  I can not even make this up, Goldie, Gerdie and Gladys, the singing sister trio…Oh my gosh, I am in heaven.  I love it.  I just had to share this with you…

These are not real pictures of them, but I hope it takes you to another time and place and you can picture Goldie, Gerdie and Gladys singing and dancing for the masses.

I am listening to the Frank Sinatra pandora station, which is always on in my house, and just thinking about such a romantic time in history and I love being able to hear from someone who lived those times and sharing her life with me.

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