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I wanna be cool….

imageSo after living for unnamed amount of time I have come to the conclusion that some of us are born with a “cool” gene and some of us are not.  I am one of those people that was not lucky enough to get the “cool” gene and for most of my life I have been trying my damnedest to play it off, but that just magnifies that excruciating fact, I don’t have it and I am not cool.

Case and point, this picture right here is one I took with a “cool” friend this last week.  I was thinking, ok “I got this cool thing down, yea put this on, wear this, do a dapper move with your hand and look totally cool and mysterious into the camera, Got it”.  It was just like those scenes in the movies, where two people are making each other laugh while trying on silly hats, glasses etc.  He was rather serious about the whole thing, so I just followed the lead, and was like yea, I am serious “cool” too.  I got this.

So  I am really impressed by the “coolness” and think, man I should make this picture my profile pic, right??  I mean that is what you do when you have a great pic.  And in this one I am being cool. 

Now the fact that I look pretty ridiculous, totally eluded me up until this morning.  I am sitting here having my morning coffee and just realized, “Oh wait, I am totally not cool, that picture is really dorky, and once again I have failed on the “coolness” scale.  UGH, it is a never ending battle for those of us who were not born with the gene.

Another case and point:imageThis is a picture that I sent to someone I was dating at the time…right????  What was I thinking.  Really, Em?  First off Joe knows this isn’t “cool” right off the bat…he’s thinking “Oh great, here she goes again”. I should have listened to him.  But no, I was thinking “Oh this is going to be a good one”.  And I tell you this in confidence, I sent this as a sweet message hoping to get my partner excited…Oh my gosh I am blushing and embarrassed just even writing this…WHAT WAS I THINKING….who in there right mind thinks this is an awesome “cool” idea to send to someone your dating.  oh wait that’s me, I did. 

So, why are some of us born with this “cool” gene and some of us left out in the cold to flounder around for you “cool” people’s amusement?  Ever since I can remember, I always looked at “cool” people like this:imagewith wonderment in my eye…knowing that I didn’t have that cool demeanor that they did.

So for those of us who were not lucky enough to be born with the “cool” gene, we have to keep working at it or just say “F*** it, I am a dork, I won’t ever be the cool girl in the room, or mysterious (have been trying to be that since I was knee high to a grass hopper), or daper, or collected, or confident at all times, or knowing smart witty things to say on a whim, or the person people come to for “cool” advice.

to all the “uncool” people out there, ride on…



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